The U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires Argentina Implements Social Networking

by Ryan Riley

The U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires Argentina capitalizes on the new age of media by using social networking.’

The Embassy features more than 17,000 fans on their Facebook page alone.

Facebook and other online social networks act as a merger between the new media outlets and older forms of news. Along with Facebook, the U.S. Embassy offers valuable information on websites such as Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.

“Our mission is to inform the Argentine people of the U.S. Embassy’s goal to inform and assist in foreign and domestic affairs,”   Robert Howes, a U.S. Embassy employee in the Argentine capital, said.

It is evident that the Embassy has taken a new approach toward informing not only local Argentines, but as well as the rest of the world. Other than being a source of entertainment, Facebook and others stimulate a new found curiosity for political participation on and off the web.This system of social networking reaches out to potential patrons and allows for future employment opportunities.

Recent technologies allow the past generation’s efforts to correspond with the new generation of media in Argentina.


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