The Beautiful Game-The Argentine Way

By Ryan Riley

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA –  Futbol is not just a game in Argentina, it is a way of life.

For fans in Buenos Aires and throughout Argentina “soccer,”  more widely known around the world as futbol, means more than just simply winning or losing.  It is a strong passion that can not be put into words, one that breathes life into the hearts and souls of Argentines year round.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup has given Argentines a feeling of great joy and a sense of hope and belief that there former hero on the pitch, Diego Maradona, can now lead the new squad to victory as the manager of the now ‘Messi lead team.’  Is Maradona the right man for the job? The Chosen One?

The fact of the matter is that many Argentines have doubts as to whether Maradona can lead this club to a World Cup title.  The key points here are whether Maradona can manage the big personalities and superstars of Argentina along with integrating tactics that fit the roles of his players.  Lionel Messi and Carlos Tevez are two of the main players who will need to shine for Maradona’s squad in order for them to make a deep run into the World Cup.

Buenos Aires local Dario Cipolloni sat down with me to discuss his favorite players and the challenges that Maradona faces entering into the World Cup.

The feeling behind the team is  positive as Argentines sit anxiously at the edge of their seats with every minute that goes by in the Cup praying that they may once again raise the beloved trophy that their boss Maradona raised once himself as a player in 1986. Anything less than a World Cup title is a disappointment for this highly-skilled and star studded squad.

We shall wait and see what the soccer gods decide.


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