Calle Florida – A Different Side of Shopping

By Ryan Riley

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA –  Shopping at Calle Florida takes shopping to a whole new level.

Scarves, futbol jerseys, jewelery, hats and art are just a few of the items that can be purchased here. Most Americans may be able to relate or feel a sense of familiarity with this area as if they where like shopping in New York City.  I feel it’s quite the contrary.

Calle Florida has a much more elegant feel to it.  The merchants are not nagging you like in Rome or New York but instead they appear to be quite calm and relaxed, maybe because they know tourists will bite on just about anything that appears to be considered “ different” or a unique “ souvenir.”

Leather, leather and more leather.  Calle  Florida boasts some of the top leather shops in the world for boots, hats, coats and purses.

For Americans the value of a dollar is about four Argentine pesos. This goes a long way on Calle Florida for shoppers, as once unaffordable jewelry, purses or even custom horse riding boots instantly become affordable.

Basically, (ladies) if you go there and know what you are looking for and stick to your plan you will score a great deal and come home a happy camper.

For men, I realize that shopping is not numero uno on most men’s favorite thing to-do list. but at Calle Florida it is a whole new ball game.  You may even find yourself wanting to stay and telling your spouse to go on ahead without you.

Sorry men but I must admit, it truly is that intriguing.

The people around you make the experience worthwhile in and of itself.  Mannequin of different sorts,  mega sports stores on nearly every corner, and great places to eat and drink to your heart’s desire are just a few of attractions that make it so unique and worthwhile.

Calle  Florida is a well-kept secret around the world but  anyone who ventures into Buenos Aires must experience just a little taste of Florida Street for themselves.

Trust me, you will not want to leave.


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