U.S. Embassy Efforts in Argentina


Hillary Houston

The United States Embassy works to teach the people of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the truth behind the American red, white and blue.

From Internet social networks, hosting art and music events, to educational scholarships, the U.S. Embassy reaches out to more of the Argentine population every day.

“We use our press and cultural programs to enhance foreign affairs and knowledge by offering events in sports, art, music and the local youth,” U.S. Public Affairs Officer, Robert Howes, said.

Government employees are using new social media skills to inform and assist residents on programs offered by the Embassy. Today, the U.S. Embassy boasts over 17,000 online “friends” on Facebook and can also be found on websites, Twitter and YouTube. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Buenos-Aires-Argentina/Centro-de-Recursos-Informativos-Embajada-de-EEUU-en-Buenos-Aires/39975169920

The U.S. Public Affairs office offers Argentines new opportunities that include study abroad programs, work exchange visas, English classes and even employment opportunities. http://argentina.usembassy.gov/job_opportunities.html

The Buenos Aires Public Affairs Office is comprised of multiple departments, each specializing in furthering U.S. public relations.

The Press Office works through local and foreign media groups by informing them of accurate U.S. news, policies and society.

The Cultural Office organizes local events, lectures, performances and exhibits by leading American academics, musicians and artists.

“It’s a good bet that we are either helping to pay for it or push it through customs,” Howes said.

The Cultural Office also arranges educational and cultural exchange programs for Argentines interested in learning first-hand what American life is like.

The Embassy’s Information Resource Center (IRC) serves to provide Argentines with convenient information on U.S. government and policies, both foreign and domestic. The IRC interacts with residents by constantly updating online data, and responding to personal information requests. http://argentina.usembassy.gov/res.html

Contrary to Argentine belief, the United States Embassy is working to mold a new perspective on how all the Americas view their Northern neighbor.



2 responses to “U.S. Embassy Efforts in Argentina

  1. Hey, Hillary, that is an excellent story! Thanks for sharing. Sounds like all of you are learning a lot and having a great experience. I saw the picture of all of you on the embassy web page. I had to look real close to find you…I don’t get to see you that dressed up much these days. You looked like a young professional as did all of you.

    You realize this is the first story of yours I have ever read. I am so proud of you. Always knew you had great talent and it is wonderful to see you doing good work and growing in your skills.

    Love you!

  2. I can’t believe you signed off -30-. Where did you learn that? That is my era and my students never understood the use or where it came from. I have always used it and it tickles me to see you adopting the tradition which reflects the wonderful heritage of journalism.

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